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The Fine Print/Wholesale

The Fine Print
Wholesale Customers (current): Your opening order must total a minimum of $125. All future orders under $125 are subject to a $5 service charge. Please fill out our online form, or email with your business credentials to request a log-in.

Shipping: We ship via UPS, unless you request another carrier billed to your account with them. We charge only straight UPS freight-no handling charges! If you chose to ship via USPS, we do charge a handling fee of $3.00. We accept payment by credit card, Paypal, preapproved company check, cashier's check or money order. COD options are preapproved company check, money order or cashier's check. Please note that UPS will no longer accept cash; if you are not cleared for a company check, you will need a money order or cashier's check. Let us know if you need a phone call with your COD amount. International customers: we have found the US Post Office to offer the cheapest service and recommend their use. Please make sure you understand the customs laws of your home country.

What Will My Total Be?: The grand total is tallied in the very last step of the order process. Until the order is fully pulled, packed, and weighed, no firm totals will be available. We charge no handling fees, only straight UPS (or international USPS) freight.

Backorders: Backorders will be held for 90 days and will ship with your next order. Please let us know if you have other instructions.

Returns: We will take back any item, at any time for 100% credit (no cash refunds), as long as it was purchased at full
regular wholesale website price (no closeouts) and is in original condition. Just ship it back to us with a note stating what is being returned and why. No preapproval or authorization necessary.

Pricing: Please note all pricing subject to change!